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MT Center Gauge & Doweling Jig

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Perfect Mortise and Tenon Marking Plus Pin-Point Doweling Accuracy!

The MT Center Gauge and Doweling Jig. Woodpeckers MT Center Gauge and Doweling Jig easily and accurately find the center of a board‰ۡó»s edge every time; no measuring and no tedious trial and error adjustments required. This makes it the perfect tool for both mortise and tenon layout and drilling dead-on aligned dowel joint holes.


Always Find Dead Center With The MT Center Gauge. This layout tool takes all the guesswork out of precisely marking-out mortise and tenon joints that are centered exactly on your stock. Based on the never-fail reliability of a parallelogram, the MT Center Gauge features two, precision-machined parallel arms that quickly adjust to the stock thickness up to 2", placing the center bar dead center on the material. Just use a pencil, marking knife or scribe tool to mark out the center bar location on your stock‰ۡÌÝÌÕ and you‰ۡó»re done!

Choose From Four Mortise and Tenon Thicknesses (five for the metric system). Changing the thickness of your mortise and tenon layout is fast and easy. Simply remove the two thumb screws that hold it in place and switch to the marking bar width you want. Marking bars are machined from stainless steel for maximum durability when used with marking knives and come in 1/4", 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2" widths for the inch version and 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for the metric version. These are all the sizes you need for stock from 1/2" to a full 1" thick and more. The parallel arms open to accommodate stock up to 2" thick. Each marking bar has a precision-machined 1mm tapered hole centered on the bar‰ۡó»s width. Reliably finding the center of stock is essential in a variety of layout work. Use this feature to mark the exact center of stock with either a scribe tool or mechanical pencil.

Center Gauge Doweling Jig. To switch to doweling mode, remove the marking bar and attach the doweling jig bar. To use, simply align the precision-machined notches on the jig‰ۡó»s doweling bar with the dowel location mark on your board, hold the jig and drill. Slide the jig to the next location, align and drill. No need to clamp the jig or tighten knobs.

Features Not Found On Other Jigs. Attach the doweling jig‰ۡó»s adjustable end-stop for drilling two or three precisely spaced end-grain holes for alignment of face frame stiles and rails. The handy inch/millimeter scale lets you accurately set the stop. What could be easier?

Glad You Asked! The second alignment feature lets you drill a series of equally spaced holes along the edge of a board. Just drop the supplied pin in the dowel bar, insert the pin in a hole and continue drilling. The MT Doweling Jig comes with six stainless steel drill guide-bushings; three sized for 1/4" and three for 3/8" drill bits.

A Variety of Ordering Options to Suit Your Needs.

Our MT Center Gauge and Doweling Jig can be ordered separately or you can get complete kits in inch or metric that include the marking bars and doweling jig bar, packaged in a custom moulded, foam-lined case.

Also available is a deluxe kit that includes both the inch and metric marking bars and the doweling jig bar. Available in a custom-moulded case or Systainer.

Order Now, Don‰ۡó»t Delay!

The MT Center Gauge and Doweling Jig are part of Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool program and are only made to order. Deadline to order yours is Monday, April 30, 2018. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, these tools will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for August, 2018.

Like all Woodpeckers tools, the MT Center Gauge and Doweling Jig are machined in our shop in Strongsville, Ohio.


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