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Woodpeckers Modular Bar Gauge System allows you to take and compare accurate inside and outside measurements

The Modular Bar Gauge System consists of two precision-machined anodized aluminum clamping blocks, extendable stainless steel rods, and interchangeable brass tips. Together, they allow you to accurately measure inside or outside dimensions without involving error-prone numbers.

Stainless steel rods can be joined together, allowing measurements as small as 8-1/4 inches up to 96-5/8 inches.

Use Woodpeckers Modular Bar Gauge to directly transfer measurements

Whether checking for square by comparing diagonals or setting up a fence or stop for the perfectly sized cut, the Bar Gauge can do it without any loss of accuracy. Check diagonals without having to interpret a tape measure, or set up a mitre or table saw for the perfect cut. Numbers can be inverted, misread, forgotten, or mistaken, but Woodpeckers Bar Gauge will always be true.

Four styles of tips attach to the Modular Bar Gauge for any measurement

Use the blunt-end tips for measuring the distance between two broad parallel surfaces, such as when measuring for a divider in a box or inset cabinet door. The pin tips have a reduced diameter to sneak down to the bottom of dados, grooves, and other recesses so you can get the perfect measurement for a cabinet shelf, box bottom, or back panel. Once you have the measurement locked, simply take the Modular Bar Gauge directly to the table or mitre saw and set the fence or stop using the Bar Gauge.

For outside measurements, spin on the mushroom tips which hook around the workpiece. To set up a machine, switch to the blunt-end tips which will keep the same dimension, but allow for inside referencing which you need to set up your machine.

Add the Trammel Head for even more functionality from your Modular Bar Gauge

Woodpeckers also offers two trammel heads which can be locked onto the bar gauge anywhere along its length to draw large or small arcs and circles. Each head can hold either a pencil or carbide-tipped scribe. The scribe is a great pivot, and also can strike a groove in wood or metal surfaces.

Woodpeckers Modular Bar Gauge System scope of delivery

  • 2x End Bars
  • 2x 6 inch Short Extension Bars
  • 6x 12 inch Long Extension Bars
  • 2x Clamp Bodies with knurled knobs
  • 2x Blunt-end tips
  • 2x Pin tips
  • 2x Arrow-shaped tips
  • 2x Mushroom tips
  • Choice of Woodpeckers case or Systainer with custom foam insert

Woodpeckers Deluxe Modular Bar Gauge System with Trammel Head Set scope of delivery

  • Everything listed above plus:
    • 2x Trammel heads
    • 2x Carbide-tipped scribes
    • 2x Pencils
  • Choice of Woodpeckers case or Systainer with custom foam insert

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