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Woodpeckers Joiner’s Saddle Square is a reliably accurate and convenient tool designed for laying out furniture and cabinet joinery. Consisting of two CNC-machined aluminum plates joined at a right angle, the Joiner's Saddle Square allows simultaneous marking of two adjacent surfaces, 45 degree mitre layout, scribing of parallel lines, and angular layout at common angles. Woodpeckers' Joiner's Saddle Square is the most compact and complete layout tool available.

Woodpeckers Joiner’s Saddle Squares deliver unmatched accuracy

Unlike other saddle squares cut from a single piece of extruded material, the two-piece design of Woodpeckers' Joiner's Saddle Squares allows them to hold very tight tolerances for both flatness and perpendicularity of the two sides which otherwise can't be done. This level of precision is necessary for accurate joinery.

The tool is 7 inches long on the 45 degree side, 5 inches on the 90 degree side, and 2-1/2 inches deep on both legs.

Layout angled joinery with Woodpeckers Joiner’s Saddle Square

Aside from the milled 90 and 45 degree edges, the square also features milled slots at 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees. Since all angles originate from the intersection point of the two sides, layout of complementary angles is simple.

The Joiner’s Saddle Square features laser-engraved scales

The anodized red Saddle Squares are laser-engraved with crisp, easy to read markings in either 1/32 inch or 1 millimetre increments. The scales on opposing sides run in opposite directions, so there's always a scale with the correct orientation. Scribe holes at 1/32 or 1 millimetre increments allow parallel lines to be quickly and accurately drawn.

Each Joiner's Saddle Square includes a wall-mount Rack-it for safe and convenient storage.

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