Woodpeckers in-DEXABLE Squares with Rack-It *********

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Woodpeckers' version of the classic combination and double squares include all the features you expect and adds laser-accurate scribing guides and a positive indexing pin that can be locked at every inch.

Laser-cut scribing notches every 1/16 inch

With notches every sixteenth along the length of the blade, all you need to do is drop the tip of your pencil in the appropriate slot and pull the square along the edge of the workpiece to draw a perfectly parallel line.

Spring-loaded index pin for 1" increments

Set the projection of the stainless steel rule at one inch increments for accurate scribing, quick setting of depths, heights or offsets, and more.

Laser engraved stainless steel blades

Each blade is laser engraved with 1/16 inch markings on one edge and 1/32 inch markings on the other. Graduations are deeply engraved so they won't wear off and accurate to +/-0.004 inch total accumulated error over the entire length of the blade. The blades have a satin finish for easy reading.

Sliding head support

At the bottom of the head, a sliding support slides out for full support. When not needed, it can be easily retracted where it stays out of the way until needed.

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