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Select Size - Imperial or Metric: 45-90 SS Triangle Imperial - Full Set (4" 8" 16")



Draw and Mark Precise Angles for Perfect Layouts.


Precision diamond cutouts provide̴Ì_for error free and pinpoint accurate marking.

Available in 4, 8, 16"" ̴Ì_and 3 piece sets; Also 100, 200, 400mm and 3 piece metric sets.

Laser cut and engraved heavy 16 gauge stainless steel, non-glare satin finish.

1/16"" or 1mm scales and marking diamonds for common angles, plus̴Ì_1̴åÁ increments on all but the smallest triangles.

Each square or set includes a wall mountable MDF case for storage and protection.

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The Woodpeckers 45-90 SS Triangle̴Ì_is an̴Ì_ideal angle marking solution for almost any̴Ì_project.

The precisely cut diamond shapes lock your pencil in position when marking your desired angle. This marking method virtually eliminates errors that often arise from parallax problems.

The inner̴Ì_scale uses precise, laser cut diamond shapes for can‰ۡó»t miss marking. ̴Ì_All sizes of 45-90 SS̴Ì_Triangles have marking diamonds for the most commonly used angles, 0̴åÁ, 22.5̴åÁ, 30̴åÁ, 45̴åÁ, 60̴åÁ, 67̴_̴åÁ and 90̴åÁ. The larger 8‰ۡó� and 16‰ۡó� models also have diamonds in 1̴åÁ increments arrayed in three arcs.̴Ì_

More than just a great angle layout tool, these̴Ì_perfectly machined triangles̴Ì_are̴Ì_reliable̴Ì_̴Ì_90̴åÁ and 45̴åÁ miter reference edges.

The two shorter triangle legs are laser engraved with 1/16‰ۡó� Imperial or 1 mm metric scales and are fully engraved on both sides.

Built to last and made from heavy-duty, 16 gauge stainless spring steel with a non-glare satin finish.

WoodpeckersOne Time̴Ì_Tools are made̴Ì_to order. ̴Ì_ORDERING FOR THIS OneTIME Tools ENDS̴Ì_May 16 No extra inventory will be built. - Estimated to ship September̴Ì_2016̴Ì_-

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̴Ì_WP-4590SS-SET 45-90 SS Triangle Imperial - Full Set (4, 8, 16"") $289.95
WP-4590SS-SET-M 45-90 SS Triangle Metric - Full Set (100, 200, 400mm) $289.95
WP-4590SS-4 45-90 SS Triangle 4"" $43.95
WP-4590SS-100 ̴Ì_45-90 SS Triangle-100mm $43.95
WP-4590SS-8 45-90 SS Triangle 8"" $85.95
WP-4590SS-200 45-90 SS Triangle-200mm $85.95
WP-4590SS-16 45-90 SS Triangle 16"" $174.95
WP-4590SS-400 45-90 SS Triangle-400mm $174.95

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