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Select Size - Imperial or Metric: 45-90 SS Triangle Imperial - Full Set (4" 8" 16")



Draw and Mark Precise Angles for Perfect Layouts.


Precision diamond cutouts provideåÊfor error free and pinpoint accurate marking.

Available in 4, 8, 16"" åÊand 3 piece sets; Also 100, 200, 400mm and 3 piece metric sets.

Laser cut and engraved heavy 16 gauge stainless steel, non-glare satin finish.

1/16"" or 1mm scales and marking diamonds for common angles, plusåÊ1å¡ increments on all but the smallest triangles.

Each square or set includes a wall mountable MDF case for storage and protection.

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The Woodpeckers 45-90 SS TriangleåÊis anåÊideal angle marking solution for almost anyåÊproject.

The precisely cut diamond shapes lock your pencil in position when marking your desired angle. This marking method virtually eliminates errors that often arise from parallax problems.

The inneråÊscale uses precise, laser cut diamond shapes for can‰۪t miss marking. åÊAll sizes of 45-90 SSåÊTriangles have marking diamonds for the most commonly used angles, 0å¡, 22.5å¡, 30å¡, 45å¡, 60å¡, 67å_å¡ and 90å¡. The larger 8‰۝ and 16‰۝ models also have diamonds in 1å¡ increments arrayed in three arcs.åÊ

More than just a great angle layout tool, theseåÊperfectly machined trianglesåÊareåÊreliableåÊåÊ90å¡ and 45å¡ miter reference edges.

The two shorter triangle legs are laser engraved with 1/16‰۝ Imperial or 1 mm metric scales and are fully engraved on both sides.

Built to last and made from heavy-duty, 16 gauge stainless spring steel with a non-glare satin finish.

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åÊWP-4590SS-SET 45-90 SS Triangle Imperial - Full Set (4, 8, 16"") $289.95
WP-4590SS-SET-M 45-90 SS Triangle Metric - Full Set (100, 200, 400mm) $289.95
WP-4590SS-4 45-90 SS Triangle 4"" $43.95
WP-4590SS-100 åÊ45-90 SS Triangle-100mm $43.95
WP-4590SS-8 45-90 SS Triangle 8"" $85.95
WP-4590SS-200 45-90 SS Triangle-200mm $85.95
WP-4590SS-16 45-90 SS Triangle 16"" $174.95
WP-4590SS-400 45-90 SS Triangle-400mm $174.95

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