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Order deadline is Monday July 24th, 2023 at noon. You must pre-order to get these items. Delivery is scheduled for September 2023.

Woodpeckers 12-in-1 Tool is a clever 20th century design produce by Woodpeckers with their typical precision and quality. The compact tool includes the following functions:

  1. 12 inch rule
  2. T-square
  3. Try square
  4. Bevel gauge
  5. Compass
  6. Marking gauge
  7. Dividers
  8. Depth gauge
  9. Diameter gauge
  10. Protractor
  11. Mitre square
  12. Inside measuring tool

Even if you don't use all the functions, this is a tool you'll find to be undeniably handy.

Woodpeckers 12-in-1 Tool doesn't sacrifice accuracy

Both stainless steels blades of the 12-in-1 Tool have a satin, non-glare finish that is laser engraved and accurate to 0.004 inches total accumulated error. This makes them easy to read in any lighting, and highly accurate.

Precisely machined grooved is the bottom blade allow the top blade to be held square, and slid up and down to measure depth or use as a marking gauge. Another set of grooves at the end allow it to function as a try square, and angular markings allow accurate positioning at 30, 45 or 60 degrees.

Mark parallel or draw arcs and circles with the 12-in-1 scribe guide

Offset 1/8 inch from the end of the adjustable scale, the scribe guide accepts a pencil to draw parallel lines. Or drop the other end over a nail to draw arcs and circles.

All Woodpeckers tools are made in Ohio

Each 12-in-1 Tool is precisely machined and carefully inspected in their own manufacturing facility in Strongsville, Ohio.

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