Whiteside Laminate Trimming Router Bits w/ Square Bearing 1/4” & 1/2” Shank

WhitesideSKU: WH2640

Select a Size: WH-2640 - 1/2” CD 1/4" CL 1/4" Shank


Whiteside Trim Bit with Euro Square Bearing

The square bearing stops moving when it hits the workpeice eliminating build-up of glue and residue typical of round bearings.

Made from teflon the square bead is easy to clean and does not mark the surface. Square bearings are replaceable.

WH2640 1/2" cutting diameter 1/4" cutting length 1 5/8" overall length 1/4" shank. Square Bearing WHB3SQ

WH2650 3/4" cutting diameter 5/8" cutting length 2 1/4" overall length 1/4" shank. Square Bearing WHB3SQ

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