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Wera Tools 17-Piece Patio Construction Set includes all the tools you need to evenly set screws when installing decking. This greatly speeds up the process of fastening deck boards while ensuring a neat result without over- or under-driven screws that can catch your feet or collect excess water.

Adjust the depth of Wera's Patio Construction Set without tools

Use Wera's special bit holder with adjustable depth stop to automatically and precisely set screws to the perfect depth for a faster and neater-looking job. The depth can be easily adjusted without tools, and the time-tested design provides optimal installation of the screwdriver bit for continuous use.

Felt tip of Patio Construction Set bit holder won't mar

A deck with rows of perfectly-set screws still doesn't look good if each screw is surrounded by concentric scratch marks from a depth stock. Wera's depth stop is faced with a  27 millimetre diameter non-marring felt face to protect the decking - whether it be pressure-treated lumber, cedar, composite, or ipe. The set includes four spare felt rings, and additional packages of five are available separately.

Patio Construction Set features stainless steel bits for exterior applications

Decks, by nature, are exposed to the elements, and naturally, the tools used to build decks are, too. With Wera's stainless steel bits, you don't need ever need to worry about them rusting. Whether you're using coated or stainless steel screws, rust can still be an issue if you use conventional steel driver bits due to extraneous rust caused by iron transfer, but that's not an issue with stainless steel screwdriver bits! The Rapidaptor bit holder is also stainless steel.

Wera's Patio Construction Set includes 15 Torx, Phillips, and Pozidriv stainless steel screwdriver bits, each colour-coded for easy identification. Other stainless steel bits are available separately.

Wera Tools 17-Piece Patio Construction Set 05134021001 scope of delivery

  • 95mm Bit holder with variable screw depth limitation  881/4/1
  • 50mm Rapidaptor Stainless Steel Universal 1/4 inch Bit Holder 3888/4/1 K
  • 25mm stainless screwdriver bits
    • 1x Phillips #1
    • 1x Phillips #2
    • 1x Phillips #3
    • 1x Pozidriv #1
    • 2x Pozidriv #2
    • 1x Pozidriv #3
    • 1x Torx 10
    • 1x Torx 15
    • 1x Torx 20
    • 1x Torx 25
    • 1x Torx 30
    • 1x Torx 40
    • 2x Torx 25 with centre pin
  • 4x spare 27mm felt rings

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