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Reversible Flip Stop for TPG Parallel Guide System

A key part of the TPG system, the Reversible Flip Stop is used in conjunction with a T-track to precisely set the width of cut. While this component is included with most TPG kits (see this page for complete details), additional Flip Stops may be purchased and inserted into the same track; a handy feature if you want to retain multiple cut width settings on the same track. 

The Reversible Flip Stop ships in right hand configuration, but can be easily adapted to fit right- or left-hand t-tracks by simply removing and reinstalling the arm assembly in the preferred orientation using the supplied hex key and following the steps shown in this diagram

A Better Flip-Stop by Design

The TPG Flip Stop includes a number of smart design notes, including a parallax-free pointer, a comfort grip star knob that works even with gloves on, and an adjustable plunger making precise calibration a breeze. 

What's in the Box

  • 1 Qty. Reversible Flip Stop, Setup for Right Hand T-Tracks
  • 1 Qty. 2.5mm Hex Key
  • 1 Qty. 3mm Hex Key 

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