TSO Products TPG-30/50 Complete Parallel Guide System Set

TSO-61-383 A
TSO Products

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The patent-pending TSO Parallel Guide (TPG) System offers the most capability of any parallel guide system on the market, while eliminating user-reported limitations of competing products. Like all parallel guides, the TPG System provides for repeatable rips—but it has a few distinctive qualities you’ll only find from a TSO Product:

Watch this video to see how fast the TPG parallel guides can be calibrated
Fast and easy to calibrate

The TPG System is faster to calibrate than any other system on the market. Watch the TPG Parallel Guide Calibration Video to see how fast and easy it is to calibrate the TPG System for spot-on accuracy.

Rip any width from a 4x8 sheet

Make wide or very narrow rip cuts with the TPG System in material as thin as 1/4 inch (6 millimetres).

Cut square and parallel in a single cut

TSO Products has a patent pending for the TPG System's ability to square and parallel in just one cut, using only one T-track. You won't find that anywhere else.

Solid and reliable track connections

Instead of multi-piece track that requires connectors that can slip out of calibration, the TPG System utilizes one-piece track with a solid and secure bolt-on connection to the guide rail.

Combination metric and imperial scales

Each track is laser engraved with metric and imperial scales for versatility.

High-quality flip stops

The two included FlipStop v2.0 material stops move only when you want them to move, and feature a TSO Products exclusive Calibration Memory that eliminates the need to recalibrate when changing between standard and narrow stock rods.

Scope of delivery

  • 2x 50" dual-dimensioned T-tracks
  • 2x 30" dual-dimensioned T-tracks
  • 2x TPG FlipStop v2.0
  • 2x Calibration Rods, standard length
  • 2x Calibration Rods, for narrow cutting
  • 4x Comfort Grip Star Knobs
  • 3mm Hex Driver for all adjustments

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