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A large, high-accuracy triangle with many features and applications. Ideal for layout, machine and MFT setup, and as an assembly aid.

Accurate to one thousandth of an inch over 18 inch length

Each triangle is machined on high-precision CNC machining centres from precision aluminum tooling plate. Accuracy of 0.001 inch over the 18 inch length is confirmed with an automated coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Detachable foot

With the included foot installed, the triangle can stand on its own, or be used to register off the edge of a workpiece. The foot is secured with stainless steel socket screws and a hex key. When the foot is not in use, the screws can be secured in tapped holes in the foot so they don't get lost.

Edge locating pins

These two stainless steel pins provide an alternate to the detachable foot for referencing off the edge of a workpiece or table.

Accepts 20 millimetre bench dogs

Eight 20 millimetre holes are machined on 96 millimetre centres for quick and accurate positioning of a workpiece on a Festool MFT or other work surface. (TSO DoubleGroove Medium Dogs have a leg length designed for clamping a triangle to a 20 millimetre thick work surface.)

Guide Rail Squaring Pins

The 25 millimetre (1 inch) stainless steel pins facilitate squaring a guide rail to a fence or set of dogs, even when the rail is raised. They can also be used with UJK Dog Rail Clips.

Metric on one side, imperial on the other

Whether working in inches or millimetres, the Precision Triangle has easy-to-read laser-engraved marks. With one on each side, extraneous measurements and visual noise is eliminated.

Scope of delivery

  • PTR-18 PLUS Precision Triangle Body
  • PTR-18 Removable foot
  • 6x M4 socket head cap screws for removable foot
  • 3 millimetre hex key
  • 2x Edge Locating Pins
  • 2x Guide Rail Squaring Pins

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