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Multi-Function TruSquare ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ The Ultimate Combination Tool


A single tool that performs a wide range of layout jobs

Slides and pivots to conveniently layout angles with precision ̴Ì_

Fixed detents for common angles, or lock at any position

Laser cut and engraved for excellent visibility and accuracy.

Available in Imperial and Metric versions.

Provided with a custom fitted protective MDF̴Ì_̴Ì_case and and made by Woodpeckers to the highest quality in the USA.


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The TruSquares unigue design make it the go-to tool for layout jobs. This tool can really do it all.

A precision stainless triangle̴Ì_that slides and pivots on a 12"" T-Track provide the functions of the following tools and more:

  • Combination Square
  • Speed Square̴Ì_
  • Bevel Gauge
  • Center Finder
  • Thickness Gauge
TRUSQ-I TruSquare, Imperial $129.90
TRUSQ-M TruSquare, Metric 142.90

How TruSquare Works.̴Ì_Think of the TruSquare as a combination square. It has a 90̴åÁ and 45̴åÁ angle that travels along a ruler.̴Ì_The stainless-steel triangle travels and pivots (and locks) into a 12"" length of aluminum T-track so it can measure and lay out angles from 0̴åÁ to 90̴åÁ. You can flip the TruSquare from one edge of the track to the other to layout the complimentary angle.

Five Engraved 1:1 Scales.̴Ì_The TruSquare T-track has three engraved scales. The triangle also has two engraved scales 7"" long on the equal length legs. On these scales, zero aligns with the inside edge of the track.

An Engraved 1:2 Scale.̴Ì_This̴Ì_scale is on the bottom of the triangle. It̴Ì_allows you to easily set the tool to divide any measurement under 7̴_"" in half by aligning the 1:1 (normal) scale on the T-track with the 1:2 scale on the bottom of triangle. These two scales in combination will quickly find the center of a board. This technique can also be used to centre parts during assembly work.

Angle Layout.̴Ì_The stainless-steel triangle has two different angle references. The precision laser engraved degree scale on the long edge provides extended reference to the interior angle scale. The interior degree scale features scalloped detents that lock-in place in 2̴_̴åÁ increments, including the most often used settings̴Ì_like 15̴åÁ, 22.5̴åÁ, 30̴åÁ, 45̴åÁ, 60̴åÁ, 67.5̴åÁ and 75̴åÁ.̴Ì_You may also lock any angle anywhere between 0̴åÁ and 90̴åÁ with the pointer and lock.

Marking Convenience. The triangle also has small, precision cut diamond shapes at every inch along both short legs. These cutouts assist in marking precise, repeatable pencil lines.

Depth Gauge and Machine Setup.̴Ì_Use the TruSquare to check the depth of mortises, dados, and grooves. Drop the T-track into the joint and lock it. Now take your TruSquare measurement to your table saw or router table to set the blade or bit height. Your setup will be spot-on every time.


Like all Woodpeckers̴Ì_OneTIME Toolss, the TruSquare̴Ì_is only made to order.

No extras will be available.

Order deadline is July 24̴Ì_2017 with̴Ì_Delivery scheduled for November 2017


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