TPG-50 Tracks for Parallel Guide System (Tracks Only)

TSO ProductsSKU: TSO-61-356A



TPG-50 T-Tracks Only (Left & Right Hands)

If you have already invested in a TPG-20 or TPG-30 parallel guide kit and you desire more cutting width capacity, we're happy to offer the TPG-50 t-tracks as a standalone purchase. Both tracks include Starrett̴å¬ brand, dual dimension rules.
What‰ۡó»s Included
  • 1 qty. T-track, left hand, for cuts up to 50 inches in width
  • 1 qty. T-track, right hand, for cuts up to 50 inches in width
Optional Extras
  • Reversible Flip Stops
  • GRS-16 drill fixture (only required if you own an earlier production GRS-16 without accessory mounting holes)

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