TPG-50 Complete Parallel Guide System

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TPG-50 Complete Parallel Guide System

Parallel guides exist to speed up your workflow, so shouldn‰ۡó»t they be fast to setup and retain their calibration?

Shouldn‰ۡó»t they be convenient to use and integral to your work environment and processes, rather than a standalone tool?

These were some of the questions we sought to answer with the TSO Parallel Guide (TPG) system.

Driven by customers indicating existing parallel guides were too cumbersome and required too much setup time, they prioritized convenience and usability as cornerstones of the TPG system. TSO Products aimed for a parallel guide system that was more accurate, faster to use, and convenient.

That‰ۡó»s why the TPG system features single piece, full length extruded t-tracks and a completely tool-free design that only needs to be calibrated once‰ۡÌÝÌÒand can then be stored and quickly redeployed in just seconds for accurate, repeatable cuts.

The TPG system is unmatched not just in convenience, but also in capability. It can perform every operation of other well-known parallel guides on the market‰ۡÌÝÌÒincluding narrow cuts‰ۡÌÝÌÒplus a number of other beneficial, time-saving operations not possible with any other single-purpose parallel guide. Only the TPG system:

  • Combines squaring and ripping into a single operation, with the option of using a single t-track
  • Can be quickly disengaged from the guide rail for easy handling or storage, and rapidly redeployed without losing calibration‰ۡÌÝÌÒall enabled with a tool-free design that can be used even with gloves on.

Built on a Solid Foundation: the GRS-16

If you own a GRS-16 guide rail square today, there‰ۡó»s good news: you already have the foundation of the TPG system because it utilizes the M6 accessory mounting holes located on the face of your guide rail square. If you own an earlier production model of the GRS-16 before accessory mounting holes were incorporated, you can purchase an affordable mounting hole drilling fixture and add the accessory mounting holes yourself.

Stowable Design that Retains Calibration

While we hope the TPG system becomes a permanent fixture on your worktop, we also realize that convenient storage is an absolute necessity. The TPG system is available in multiple t-track lengths, denoted by their maximum cut width capability (e.g. TPG-50 enables a maximum cut width of 50 inches).

The shortest t-track included in this kit, the TPG-20, is small enough to fit inside a SYSTAINER, even fully assembled and calibrated with its flip stop in place.

Each t-track includes Imperial and metric scales, and can even accommodate more than one flip stop.

An exploded view of the TPG flip-stop
A Better Flip Stop by Design

The Reversible Flip Stop includes a number of smart design notes, including a parallax-free pointer, a grippy star knob that is comfortable to use and even works with gloves on, and an adjustable plunger making precise calibration a breeze. When making narrow cuts, the narrow stock calibration rod can be inserted into the flip stop. This 12-inch rod is long enough to reach under the guide rail, all the way to the splinterguard, to enable very narrow cuts. Additional flip stops can be purchased and installed onto the same t-track; a great feature if you are frequently cutting multiples of different lengths. As its name denotes, the flip stop can be disassembled and reversed to fit either right- or left-hand t-tracks.

TPG-50 Complete Means Complete!

The TPG-50 Complete Parallel Guide System includes all available t-tracks (50, 30 and 20 inch cut width capacities) in both left hand and right hand configurations.

Sold separately, note that two GRS-16 guide rail squares (with at least one of those squares being a GRS-16 PE) are required to use both left hand and right hand parallel guides at the same time.

What‰ۡó»s Included

  • 1 qty. T-track, left hand, for cuts up to 50 inches in width
  • 1 qty. T-track, right hand, for cuts up to 50 inches in width
  • 1 qty. T-track, left hand, for cuts up to 30 inches in width
  • 1 qty. T-track, right hand, for cuts up to 30 inches in width
  • 1 qty. T-track, left hand, for cuts up to 20 inches in width
  • 1 qty. T-track, right hand, for cuts up to 20 inches in width
  • 2 qty. Reversible Flip Stop, with standard calibration rod
  • 2 qty. Narrow stock calibration rods
  • 4 qty. Star grip knobs

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