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Tormek Planer and Moulder Sharpening Jigs

Tormek -


Add these Jigs  to any TORMEK water cooled sharpening machine for a complete and exceptional sharpening system for planer, jointer, and electric hand planer blades.


  • SVH-320 Planer Blade Attachment - For HSS planer and jointer blades of any length, with a min blade width  of 13mm (½"). The grinding depth can be set very precisely within 0,1 mm (0,004"). Blades longer than 270mm (10½") are relocated in the blade holder and ground in two steps.
  • SVP-80 Moulding Knife Attachment - For all shapes and makes of HSS moulding knives with 24, 30 or 38 mm distance between guide holes. Sharpens the face of the blade so any shapes can be done. Max width of blades 100 mm (4").
  • SVX-150 Scissors Jig - For scissors and shears, but this jig is a also perfect choice for portable electric hand planer blades. 
  • TT-50 Truing Tool - Trues the grindstone exactly round and flat, which is a necessity when sharpening planer and jonter blades. Screw feed with dual knobs for smooth feed across the stone. The cutting depth can be set within 0,25 mm (0,01"). (Note: this accessory is included with the Tormek T7, optional with the T3 and T3)


Tormek also offers additional jigs for knives of all types and sizes, axes and hatchets, turning and carving tools, chisels, and drill bit sharpening.

Add special purpose Grindstones for even greater flexibility.


With the Tormek system, You can easily, quickly and perfectly sharpen practically any tool to a perfect edge.The low rpm water cooled system ensure precise tool preparation with no possibility of overheating and ruining the edge.. 


Note that all the Tormek jigs will work perfectly on the both the T7 AND T4 machines

Category: Power Sharpening

Type: Sharpening

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