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Tanos T-Loc Systainers, sizes 1-5

Tanos -


*Note: T-Loc SYS1, SYS2, and SYS2 Orange are due to arrive around the end of January, and available for pre-order now.

The T-Loc Systainers combine conveniently linkable and stackable organization with easy, one-handed operation.

The T-Loc latch allows you to quickly link individual units together, creating a tower that can be carried by a single handle and thus offer a high degree of mobility. Simply click into the snap-in position at the back and turn the T-Loc catch.


  • Lock, open and connect with only one turn and using only one hand.
  • Access the contents quickly and easily, without releasing the link.
  • Four display slots are available on the unit to showcase a business card, advertisements, your company logo, or to label your Systainer
  • Compatible with our established Systainer Classic Line, the caster, the strong-boxes and the folding trolley TRAPO vario.
  • The Systainer T-Loc I + II can also be carried upright by sliding an additional handle into the two front slots.
Light grey.
We also Stock these in Deep Orange colour for Fine Multi Tools and other high visibility uses.

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