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Tanos Foam Insert – Midi

Tanos -


Customize the interior of your T-Loc Midi Systainer using Tanos foam inserts.

Choose a base foam for the bottom and a lid foam for the top. 

Perforated foams (also known as "pick and pluck") are pre-cut into 15mm cubes which can be "cut out" into the shape of your tool, creating a perfect fit to protect your tools.

Designed to fit the Tanos T-loc MIDI systainers ll and lll.

  • Midi Lid foam, vaulted. Tanos Part No. 80101387.
  • Midi Base foam, 30 mm, smooth. Tanos Part No. 80101385.
  • Midi Perforated foam, 30 mm, smooth. Tanos Part No. 80101386.

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