SS Compass/Dividers - One Time Tool

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Form and Function Combine in a Practical and Useful Layout Tool

Use divider/scribe points or pencils to draw or mark distances or arcs.

Pencil leg has 1" of adjustment to accommodate pencils of different length.

Leg position is held by tension, and further locked with a lock knob.

8 or 12" sizes drawåÊcircles from 1-1/2" to 22-1/4" or 33-1/2" diameter.

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- Estimated to ship March 2018 -

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Constant Tension Makes Compass Easy to Set

Consistent tension between the two legs makes it easy to precisely set the compass. The amount of friction is adjustable. Once the desired radius is set, lock the setting with the generously-sized locking knob.

Change Between Divider Point and Pencil

Use the versatile SS compass with a pencil to draw circles and arcs. The pencil holder is adjustable by up to 1" to adjust for a sharpened, and shorter, pencil.

Swap the pencil for the second scribe point (included) for use as a divider for precise layout and repeat distances. Each scribe point is sharpened for precision.

Layout more than arcs and circles - with the SS Compass, you can also lay out polygons including Isosceles triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, ocatgons, nonagons, decagons, and more!

Choose from 8" or 12" SS Compasses, or a Set of Two

SS Compass with 8" leg length can draw radii from 3/4" up to 22-1/4" (20 mm to 565 mm), and 12" model can be set from 3/4" to 33-1/2" (20 mm to 850 mm).

Order them individually with or without a moulded case with custom-cut French-fit foam liner, or as a set in a case.

Each compass includes two scribes and two pencils.

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