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Combo Shelf Pin Template

Woodpeckers -


shelf pin template

Needing to make a series of holes for shelf pins? Now you have a heavy duty alternative that won't break the bank. Woodpeckers new Shelf Pin Template covers all the bases. It combines both inch and metric spaced holes, ¼" or 5 MM, and works well with self-centering drills bits and router guide bushings.

This template is CNC machined from 3/8" thick phenolic sheet. It's the thickest, most durable template on the market. All the holes are 3/8 diameter making it 100% compatible with Snappy Shelf Pin Guided Bits and 3/8" diameter router guide bushings with ¼ or 5MM spiral router bits.

There are 21 inch holes and 17 metric holes.

Made in U.S.A.

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