Sortainer T-Loc Sys-Sort IV/3 Anthracite

TanosSKU: Tan-Sys-Sort4-Anth



Welcome to a new world of small part storage. The Tanos T-Loc SYS-Sort IV/3 systainer has 3 levels of parts and tool storage. Each drawer opens within the stack for easy access.

Imagine all your fasteners neatly stored and labeled. Or, your hand tools securely set within the drawers and ready to use at a moment‰ۡó»s notice.

Like other systainers, the SYS-Sort IV/3 can be connected by the T-LOC to other systainers, Tool-Box, Storage-Box and systainer Classic Line to make the ultimate storage system.

Includes 2 drawer separators. Made in Germany. Anthracite gray.

Sortainer T-Loc Sys-Sort IV/3 Anthracite Tanos Part 80600242

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