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Sleeved Dust Extractor Hoses With Plug It Cords - New

Festool -


New Hoses Equipped with an Integrated Plug-It Cord and Sleeve.

Prevents ribs and cords from catching on corners or edges and avoids damaging materials.

Keeps the sleeve and Plug-It Power Cord in one tidy package.

This tapered hose is the ideal partner for the new ETS EC sanders as well as many of our existing sanders. Integrated 16 AWG Plug-It Cord is for use with all Festool Plug-It tools.

Available Options:

  • Standard Sleeved Hose/Plug-It - 3.5 Meter (11.5') in a Systainer SYS 3.
  • Extra Long Sleeved Hose/ Plug-It - 10 Meter (33.6') in a cardboard box.
  • Extra Long Plug-It Cord only -10m (32.8'), Perfect for those jobs where tool reach is difficult.

Note: Plug-It Cords supplied with North American connectors, not as illustrated.

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