Shaper Origin + Workstation Complete system -Save $100 SO1-NN+SW1-AA - BONUS! Free SYS1 with Purchase until Dec.23rd!!

Save $100
Shaper OriginSKU: SO1-NN+SW1-AA

$4,099 $4,199


Bonus Offer! Buy a Shaper Origin + Workstation complete system and get a free SYS 1 customizable systainer!!!

Buy Origin and Workstation together and save $100 (Limited time offer).

Bring Shapers most advanced precision cutting solution to your workshop. Origin and Workstation combine to make even the most demanding projects approachable and intuitive. Enjoy unrivalled precision cutting for a variety of applications - create complex joinery, tight fitting box joints and much more. Origin + Workstation is the complete system solution to unlocking next-level projects in your shop.

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  • Origin with all included accessories
  • Workstation with all included accessories

Shaper Origin ships out next day.

*Bonus Systainer will ship directly to Customers from Shaper Origin once dealer registers the sale.

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