Set of 3 Dividers for Sys-Sort/Sys-Combi Drawer

TanosSKU: Tan-Drawer-Divider



Set of 3 Dividers for Sys-Sort/Sys-Combi Drawer.

Tanos Part Number 80600242

The Systainer originated from the need to transport materials and tools so they were well organized and easy to move. This was accomplished through a unique patented case system, which enables all Systainers to be stacked and linked together.

The "LOC" in T-LOC stands for: Lock, Open and Connect! The T-LOC system sets the new benchmark in innovation, design and functionality. The central element is the T-LOC catch, which enables one-handed locking, opening and connecting. The T-LOC catch offers fast linking of individual units so they can all be carried as a single unit. To stack the T-LOC Systainers, simply click into the snap-in position at the back, turn the T-LOC catch and that's it!

A unique feature is that you have access to the contents of a T-LOC Systainer halfway down the stack of Systainers, without releasing the link, by simply rotating the T-LOC counterclockwise 90å¡ from the locked position. Strong and Versatile Tanos uses 100% ABS polymer, combined with the most stable design structure, for maximum durability.

All T-LOC Systainers are sturdy and impact resistant, as well as dust proof. Every component of the T-LOC ‰ÛÒ such as the body, lid, handle or catch ‰ÛÒ can be replaced easily, which guarantees long life.


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