SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table




Engineered and finished to fit your SawStop Contractor, Professional Cabinet or Industrial Cabinet Saw, the Sliding Crosscut Table is the finest quality crosscut table available. It delivers repeatable, accurate results with ease and beauty.

  • Built for versatility - adjust the table to suit your needs
  • Easily slide the fence in for blade proximity, and choose a flush or "maximum throw" installation to fit your shop and space requirements
  • Micro-adjust for detail cuts, and crosscut full sheets with the 55" travel and 48" crosscut capacity
  • Crosscut fence is at least 15% larger than typical crosscut sliders, spanning 43" and extending past 58".
  • Oversize fence miter turns at the twist of a single knob, and measures to a full 60 degrees
  • Large flip-stops with scale and magnified lenses help ensure accurate, repeatable cuts every time

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