SawStop Large Sliding Table

SawStopSKU: TSA-SA70



Engineered for the demands of the Industrial woodshop, the SawStop Large Format Sliding Table ensures easy, repeatable operation. Cut sheet goods and larger stock easily, with maximum control and sure measurement. A rigid steel frame and 14 sealed, steel bearings ensure a reliable, smooth glide, and maximum adjustability affords both traditional and Euro configurations for a max crosscut of 70 inches.
  • Table Dimensions 30‰ۡó� x 30-1/2
  • MaximumTravel 71-1/2"
  • Maximum Crosscut Capacity 118‰ۡó� (On PCS without Extension Wing)
  • Maximum Rip Capacity (Front Mounting) 49‰ۡó�
  • Maximum Rip Capacity (rear mounting) 70‰ۡó�
  • Weight Capacity Fully Extended 350 lbs

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