SawStop Industrial Mobile Base for PCS




The SawStop Industrial Mobile Base̴Ì_supports the table saw̴Ì_and extension table - no additional extension̴Ì_hardware is required. This base has non-marring polyurethane wheels and supports up to 1000 lb. Instead of relying on flimsy wheel brakes, to immobilize the saw, the machine is lowered down̴Ì_to̴Ì_the ground, distributing weight directly to the floor, not the wheels.

Includes kit to adapt Industrial Mobile Base for use with Professional Cabinet Saw.

  • Three quick pumps of the foot petal raises the saw
  • Four 360̴åÁ casters allow the saw to easily move in any direction
  • Hydraulic piston assist lift
  • High performance full ball bearing casters.

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