Ryver Epoxy R-Protect Top Coat/Protectant 1.5 gal




An impact- and heat- resistant, UV-stabilized epoxy finish perfect for flood coats. Best applied over a base coat of R-Epoxy.

Simple preparation

Prior to applying R-Protect, sand all surfaces (including sides and bottom) with 120-grit abrasive for good adhesion, allow any airborne dust to settle, and clean the surface so it's free of dust.

For thin layers

R-Protect must be applied in thin layers otherwise micro bubbles will be produced. Bubbles in thin coats can be released with a torch.


After mixing for 3-4 minutes, the product must be applied within 10 minutes. The short working time minimizes the chances that airborne contaminants such as dust or bugs can settle into the finish.

Wait at least 10 days before using the surface.

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