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A specially-formulated epoxy for casting up to two inches in a single pour without shrinkage. You'll appreciate the excellent transparency without solvents or odours.

Remains flexible

The epoxy remains flexible so it can move with the wood.

Easy to use

Just mix thoroughly for five minutes (vendor recommends mixing counterclockwise to minimize bubbles) and pour up to three inches at once. Mix in pigments if desired.

During the first 24 hours of catalyzation (curing), use fans to prevent overheating. The resin is ready to unmold and finish in 5-7 days.

Can be poured in multiple layers

For maximum adhesion, pour the next layer after about 48 hours when the previous layer is dry to the touch but still soft (similar to a Jell-O texture).

If R-Cast is dry (has cured for more than 84 hours) lightly sand the first layer with 120-grit abrasive for better adhesion.

Click here for the technical sheet.

Also available in 165 gallon (624.6 litres) and Half-Tote (375 gallon/1,419.5 litre) quantities by request - please contact us for information.

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