PDC 18/4 QuaDrive Cordless Drill with Airstream Batteries

FestoolSKU: 574700

Set: PDC Basic


With the PDC 18, Festool set out to create the ultimate drilling machine.
  • This drill will do anything you need a drill to do.
  • A fourspeed gearbox provides loads of low-end torque for hogging out material with large diameter drill bits, then quickly switches over to deliver 3,800 RPMs (thats really fast!) and blast through concrete inhammer drill mode.
  • The set included an ergonomic right-angle attachment to allow you to work in tight quarters, such as in between studs or inside cabinets.
  • Now available in Canada with Airstream batteries for faster charging!
  • Basic package̴Ì_include drill body, 1/2" 3-jaw chuck, Centrotec Chuck, magnetic bit holder and Systainer Sys2 with attic storage.
  • The set also includes 2 x BP 18 Li 5.2 ASI battery pack; SCA 8 rapid charger;
    Centrotec Chuck; Centrotec bit holder; FastFix keyless
    chuck 1/2" (13 mm); PH 2 bit; right angle chuck; additional
    side-mounted hand grip

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