Omer B6.50SS 23-gauge 7/8 to 2" Pin Nailer




An industrial-grade pin nailer suitable for production use. Accepts a wide range of headless pin lengths, making it useful for many applications.

No-mar plastic tip

Cone-shaped plastic tip allows access into tight spaces and doesn't restrict visibility while preventing accidental damage to the workpiece.

Anti-dry-fire mechanism

The mechanism prevents the gun from firing the driver and marking the workpiece if there aren't enough pins loaded.

Double trigger

The double trigger design permits excellent control and more precise placement of fasteners than with a nose safety, and is comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

Built-in blow gun

A blast of compressed air is available with the press of a button to clear the area of dust and debris so you can see.

Highest quality

Omer guns are made in Italy and individually hand-tested to ensure quality.


  • Compatible with 23-gauge  straight pins and 23-gauge slight headed brads
  • Accepts fasteners from 7/8 to 2 inches (22.2 to 50.8 millimetres) in length

Scope of delivery

  • Omer B6.50SS
  • Case not included
  • Quick connect pneumatic fitting not included

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