MTR-18 Master Accessory Kit

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MTR-18 Master Accessory Kit

Transform your triangle into the most versatile tool in your workshop

Extend the utility of your MTR-18 triangle with the Master Accessory Kit, which includes everything you need to secure the MTR-18 to your perforated worktop, dial in infinite and repeatable angles, and clamp the triangle while its upright.

Comprised of a finely machined pointer with parallax-free viewport, a brass locking pin and ergo knob with t-bolt, four DoubleGroove™ Dogs (two DoubleGroove™ Standard Fit Large Dogs and two DoubleGroove™ Close Fit Large Dogs), two M8 SpeedKnobs™, two clamping angles, and two Allen drivers, this kit includes all of the parts needed to register the MTR-18 triangle to your 20mm hole pattern worktop and quickly set any angle with precision.

Because the kit includes two sets of DougleGroove Dogs, you'll find the perfect fit whether you have a Festool MFT/3 or a custom-made 20mm worktop. To keep all these accessories together, a handy stowage tin is included as well.

What's Included in the Box:

  • Pointer with Parallax-Free Viewport
  • Brass Locking Pin, Ergo Knob & T-Bolt
  • DoubleGroove Large Dogs - Standard Fit (2)
  • DoubleGroove Large Dogs - Close Fit (2)
  • SpeedKnobs, M8 (2)
  • Clamping Angles (2)
  • M4 Socket Head Cap Screws (6)
  • M6 Socket Head Cap Screws (6)
  • M3 Allen Driver
  • M5 Allen Driver
  • Stowage Tin

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