Miter Clamp Set

WoodpeckersSKU: MCSX2



Here's a trick solution to clamping a miter; two mating blocks requiring only one clamp to provide equal pressure on four surfaces simultaneously.

Like our Clamping Squares, the Miter Clamp Set is machined to a very tight tolerance from solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum to ensure a perfect 90. Machined to å_" thickness, these sturdy clamp jaws are robust enough for use both independently with virtually any clamp or as part of a clamping fixture.

Approximate dimension, 3" x 3" with a jaw length of 1-5/8".

Anodized surface will not oxidize when in contact with water based adhesives and cleans easily.

Two counter bored holes in each part enable easy attachment in a variety of fixture arrangements. Sold as a set of two pairs (four parts total).

Keywords: woodpecker, mitre

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