Mirka PROS Pneumatic Sander Starter Kit

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If you already have a suitable air compressor, this starter kit includes all the other equipment you need for efficient dust-free sanding including Mirka's ergonomic PROS pneumatic sander, HEPA dust extractor with automatic switch, trolley and dust extraction hose with integrated air line.

6 inch PROS Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander

This ergonomic air sander has a large 6 inch pad and dust extraction port for clean and efficient sanding. The intuitive variable speed paddle affords excellent control and the extended cover over the air inlet enhances comfort over long sanding sessions.

Pad Brake

The pad brake stops the pad from free-spinning after the paddle switch has been released so the sander can be set down sooner without risking deep scratches to the workpiece.

Wide dust collection port

Combined with Abranet mesh abrasives, the wide dust collection port provides very effective dust capture when hooked up to a dust extractor.

5 millimetre stroke

The 5 millimetre stroke is ideal for general sanding.

Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 HEPA

This professional dust extractor has a high performance motor and turbine, which creates 250 mbar vacuum and 4 500 l/min air flow.

The AutoStart function increases the lifetime of the motor and reduces noise.

Flat top with space for storage and large wheels for better maneuverability. Push-clean function. Hose and cable storage for more comfortable transportation.

Scope of delivery

  • MRP-650CV 6 inch Mirka PROS 5 mm Sander
  • MV-912 Dust Extractor 1230 HEPA PC
  • MV412HA Dust Extraction Hose with Pneumatic Line
  • MV-912-PB Pneumatic On/Off Module
  • 9190310111 Dust Extractor Trolley

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