MFS 400 & 700 Multi-Routing Templates

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Select a Model: MFS 400 Multi-Routing Template


Save time not having to make custom templates for different jobs each time.

  • Get perfect guided cuts every time with a template system that will always be accurate and in square.
  • MFS Multi-Routing Template System is fully adjustable and expandable. Select the size you need, and add extension profiles whenever you require for different scale jobs.
  • Expand the functionality of your OF 1010, 1400, and 2200 routers.
  • Anodized aluminum profile with integrated rule adjusts easily, accurate to 1/32". Route circles, make precise inside or outside cuts, combine sets for unlimited size.
  • Kit includes clamping flanges, tilt protector, circle routing insert, pivot point and adjustment tool.

For MFS 400:

  • Profiles are 7 7/8" and 15 3/4" (200 & 400mm)
  • Maximum interior dimension 4 11/16" by 12 9/16".
  • Maximum circle diameter 34".

For MFS 700:

  • Profiles are 15 3/4" and 27 1/2". (400 & 700mm)
  • Maximum interior dimension 12 9/16" by 24 7/16".
  • Maximum circle diameter 51".

Add the Routing Slide for fully machining flat surfaces.

  • Allows you to make cut outs over large areas by allowing the router to ride on the carriage while supported on the MFS Profiles.
  • 23-1/2" (600mm) traverse width.

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