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åÊåÊONE TIME TOOL -åÊMarking Gauge and Panel Gauge

Large fence and sturdy beam enables you to mark parallel lines with precision and ease.

Choose whether to use the wheel cutter for best accuracy, or pencil for better visibility.

Scribe two mortises walls simultaneously with easy-to-set offset spacers.

Made by Woodpeckers to the highest quality in the USA.

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Scribe with a Wheel

Wheel marking gauges have become the preference of most woodworkers because they leave clean, crisp marks whether marking with or across the grain, or on end grain.

Flip to Scribe with a Pencil

Both can be set up at the same time, and switched back and forth simply by rotating the beam 90 degrees. This changes both the marking tool and the laser-engraved scales.

The mechanical pencil mechanism threads directly into the beam, and can be advanced by turning the knurled knob. When not in use, it stores in the end of the beam.

AcceptsåÊcommonly available 0.9 mm leads.

Large Fence and SturdyåÊBeam for Control and Accuracy

The 6" Marking Gauge features a 3-1/2" long fence, and the Panel Gauge has a generous 6-1/2" fence for greater registration and stability.

Built-In Mortise Gauge

Each gauge includes an extra scribe wheel which can be installed with spacers to make parallel scribe lines offset by 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" (or 5, 6, 8, 10, or 12 mm with the metric version).

Laser-Engraved Metric or Imperial Scales

Easy-to-read scales in either metric or imperial (inches) make it easy to set the fence to any dimension. Once in position, the fence is locked in place by a good-sized knurled knob (that also doubles as a tool for the wheel scribe).

Like all Woodpeckers OneTime Tools, the Marking GaugesåÊmade to order. No extras will be made.

MG-AL6-17 åÊ6" Marking Gauge $149.00
MG-AL24-17 24" Panel Marking Gauge $229.00
MG-ALSETI-17 6" + 24" Marking Gauge Set $348.00
MG-AL150-17 150 mm Marking Gauge $162.00
MG-AL600-17 600 mm Panel Marking Gauge $246.00
MG-ALSETM-17 150 mm + 600 mm Marking Gauge Set $378.00
Pencil-Lead-9mm Pencil lead 0.9 mm, 12-pack $4.00



Delivery is estimatedåÊfor November 2017.åÊ

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