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Low Angle Jack Plane #62

Lie-Nielsen -


Patterned after the Stanley No. 62, the Low Angle Jack Plane is one of our most versatile and outstanding planes.

The massive blade is set bevel-up on the 12 degree bed, giving you maximum support of the cutting edge and a low angle of attack. The precise depth adjustment, control of the mouth opening, and the hefty blade allow you to tackle the most difficult jobs with the power of a jack or the finesse of a smoother.

  • 14" long overall
  • 2" wide x .175" thick blade bedded at 12 degrees
  • 4.55 lbs
  • Iron body, bronze cap
  • Extra Blades Available

The trick to getting the most out of this plane is to have multiple blades honed to different angles for a variety of tasks.

For example: 25 ° for end grain work, 33 ° for smoothing, 38 ° for tackling wavy grain with less tear out, Toothed Blade for aggressive removal of material with less effort, and a 90 ° blade to work as a scraper.


Type: Hand Planes

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