Lamello Tenso P-14 Self-Locking Connectors


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Tenso P-14 is a self-tightening connector with three functions simultaneously: alignment, clamping and connecting. The high clamping̴Ì_strength̴Ì_allows̴Ì_workpieces to be glued together without clamps.̴Ì_The Tenso P-14 is based on the innovative P-System-profile groove of Lamello, so it can be̴Ì_install securely in the workpiece in just seconds without the need for tools.

The two-part, hidden mounted connector creates the condition for the realization of a completely new connection process in the interior design. This involves a new connection method that an unprecedented flexibility, speed and simplicity in the entire design, production, transportation and assembly process allows. Although the connector has excellent tensile strength, this version is intended̴Ì_as a gluing aid.

Add Lamello P-14̴Ì_Preload̴Ì_Clips (sold separately) to reduce the amount of force required to connect workpieces, or to join̴Ì_mitres and angled workpieces.

The Tenso P-14 can be installed in any wood materials 15 mm or thicker.

Packages of 80, 300 or 1000 connectors.

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