Lamello Tenso P-10 Self-Clamping Connectors for Gluing Thin Materials

LamelloSKU: LAM145418

Quantity: 80


The Lamello Tenso P-10 Self-Clamping Connectors are a unique gluing̴Ì_aid that eliminates the need for clamping a glued joint - simply slide the joint together and it self-clamps. Developed for butt joints in material 12 mm or thicker and 45 degree mitres in material 15 mm or thicker, the Tenso P-10 is ideal for glued cabinetry and furniture.

Facilitate joining by using the preload clips to reduce the amount of force required to close the joint. This is the ideal solution for larger or complex assemblies.

Package of 80 or 300. Includes preload clips.

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