Lamello Clamex P-10 Detachable Connectors

LamelloSKU: LAM145372

Quantity: 80


Lamello's Clamex P-10 is a detachable connecting hardware based on P-system anchorage and is connected with̴Ì_a lever.̴Ì_The positive-locking P-system anchoring allows a fast and strong installation of the hardware in the workpiece without tools. Clamex P connectors do no require glue or screws.

The small 6 mm access holes̴Ì_for the hex wrench set̴Ì_the Clamex P knock down connectors above the competition.

Compared to the Clamex P-14, Clamex P-10 has a lower installation depth of only 10 mm and can therefore be used for thinner̴Ì_materials. The design of the connector has been further perfected, the two additional pockets provide optimum stability for the connector.

Package of 80 or 300.

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