Amana Tool 1/4x1" HSS V-Flute Router Bit for Foam

Amana ToolSKU: AM-HSS1611



V-flutes are selected when a balanced tool is critical for smooth finish. Excellent for hand-fed operations.

Excellent for cutting:
  • Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam (XLPE)
  • Ethafoam**
  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)*
  • Flexible Polyurethane Foam (FPF)
  • Foam
  • Fomex®
  • Natural Woods
  • Polyethylene Foam**
  • Polylam**

*Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a foam form of polypropylene.
**Ethafoam Polyethylene and Polylam are durable flexible closed-cell foams with excellent memory.

May be used in air routers with guide bushing.


  • 1/4 inch cutting diameter
  • 1 inch cutting length
  • 1/4 inch shank

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