Hammer 12" Combination Jointer/Planer with Silent Power Helical Cutterhead A3-31

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The Hammer A3-31 Combination Jointer/Planer combines high-quality components with a truly impressive cutterhead for exceptional planing results in any material.

Silent Power Helical Cutterhead

Offering exceptional cutting with a shear cut, the impressive Silent Power cutterhead produces less tear-out and less noise while using less power and creating smaller wood chips that self pack better in the dust collector.

Solid carbide inserts

The 4-sided carbide inserts have a long service life and can be rotated for a fresh edge when they dull, or if one gets nicked. The inserts are self-setting, so tedious manual alignment is not required.

Substantial cast iron tables

Heavy jointer and planer cast iron tables ensure smooth and accurate planing.

Quick conversion between jointer and planer

To convert from jointer to planer, simply unlock the two levers that hold down the jointer tables and tilt them and the fence up just past 90 degrees. A safety interlock engages automatically so the tables don't fall. Then flip over the dust collection hood.

Space efficient

Not only does the A3-31 fit two machines into the footprint of one, the machine can be placed near a wall.

Adjustable Euro guard

The European jointer guard slides, and can be adjusted for height over the table with the turn of a knob, or unlocked with a lever and flipped out of the way. 

Ergonomic controls

The control levers are ergonomically designed for user comfort.

Optional mobility kit

With a pair of wheels and front-mounted hitch, the mobility kit works with the Hammer lifting bar to easily roll the jointer/planer around the shop - even on rough or uneven surfaces.

Optional table extensions

Attach the accessory table extension to increase the length of the jointer infeed and outfeed tables, and thickness planer outfeed table when working with long material.

Optional horizontal mortising attachment

Get more out of your A3-31 with the horizontal mortising attachment accessory. The XY table bolts to the front of the unit and a drill chuck mounts to the end of the cutterhead.


  • 4 horsepower
  • 230 volts
  • 1 phase
  • 4 millimetre (5/32 inch) maximum depth of cut
  • 310 millimetre (12 inch) maximum jointing width
  • 1,400 millimetre (55 inch) jointer table length
  • 45 to 90 degree tilt for jointer fence
  • 1,100 millimetre (43-1/4 inch) long jointer fence
  • 310 millimetre (12 inch) maximum thickness planing width
  • 540 millimetre (21-1/4 inch) thickness planer table length
  • 4 to 225 millimetre (5/32 to 8-7/8 inch) thickness planing range
  • 7.3 metres per minute (24 feet per minute) thickness planer feed rate
  • 120 millimetre dust port
  • 289.39 kilograms (638 pounds)

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