Guide Rail Accessory Kit

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Thisí«ÌÎ_complete kit maximizes the value of your FS guide rails when used with your Festool plunge saw or router.

  • Quickly set angles for both mitered and compound cuts using the Angle Unit.
  • Make accurate repeat cuts using the Limit Stop.
  • Work more efficiently by attaching the included Deflector to the end of your rail to prevent your suction hose and cords from getting snagged.
  • Connect rails for limitless cutting with the included Connectors.
  • Use the two included Screw Clamps to for more secure, reliable cutting.

FS SYS Includes:

  • 1 Angle unit
  • 1 Limit Stop
  • 1 Replacement Splinterguard (1400 mm)
  • 1 Hose and Cord Deflector
  • 2 Guide Rail Connectors
  • and 2 Screw Clamps
  • all packed in a Systainer 1
Replaces 492396

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