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GRK Screw Assortment for Workshop/Jobsite

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1000 GRK Torx Fasteners with Driver Bits in a SYS-1 Box Systainer; at an unbeatable price.

  • GRK R4™'s are premium Torx head screws that can be used in almost any application. 
  • GRK's FIN/Trim™'s are the first choice for any application where a compact screwhead is desired; 
  •  T-LOC Systainer 1 with individual removable plastic compartments is the perfect organizer to store and transport fasteners as well as any other small items. 


  • 100 of each of the seven most requested sizes in the GRK R4™  family.
  • 100 each of the three most useful GRK Fin/Trim™ sizes 
  • 1 Sys-1 Box Systainer; with a full assortment of removable colour coded bins; Additional bins are available.
  • 10 Torx driver bits in the sizes required for these fasteners.
Torx Fastener Sizes included:
  • R4 - #8x1"; #8X1-1/4"; #8x1-1/2"; #9x1-3/4"; #9x2"; #10x2-1/2"; #10x3-1/2"
  • FIN/Trim - #8x2"; #8x2-1/2"; #8x3-1/8"

We reserve the right to make substitutions if a screw size is unavailable. We will contact you to confirm.

With the GRK Screw Assortment you will have the right Torx screws at hand for almost any job; and the Festool Sys1 Box Systainer makes it easy to maintain an organized workshop or jobsite. This assortment integrates perfectly with any other Systainers you use for tool or parts storage. 

If there is an assortment you need for your specific application; please contact us. We'll be happy to assemble a custom collection for you.

Category: Torx Screws

Type: Screws

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