Grex H850LX - 21 Gauge Brad Nailer

GrexSKU: GR-H850LX



21 gauge brads have good holding strength and leave a small hole.

H850LX accepts 21-gauge brads from 3/8"" to 2"" in length.

Built-in edge-guide with scale allows repetitive nail placement along an edge faster than ever (built-in storage when not in use).

High-tolerance, precision-machined hardened steel driver for̴Ì_reliability and small dimple size.

Large piston for consistent power enables long nails to be driven into hard woods, even with smaller compressors or lower PSI output.

Auto lock-out stops gun from firing when there are 7 nails left in the magazine to prevent dry-firing; a One-Touch over-ride allows the reserved nails to be fired.

Rear-mounted exhaust with silencer reduces noise output and directs exhaust down and away from operator.

Ideal for installing trim, panelling, casings, assembling boxes, furniture, cabinets, picture frames, jigs and fixtures.

Includes two no-mar rubber tips, 1/4"" swivel air quick-connect coupling, reversible steel belt clip, on-board tool storage, case, oil, safety glasses and hex keys.

Weighs 3.6 pounds (1.6 kgs).

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