Grex 2116AD - 22 Gauge 3/16" Crown Stapler

GrexSKU: GR-2116AD



Perfect for building scale models and small projects, the Grex 2116AD drives 22-gauge 3/16" crown staples from 3/16" to 5/8" in length. The narrow staple remains unobtrusive, with more holding power than a pin or brad.

Designed for use in a production environment, this pneumatic narrow crown stapler features a patented trigger valve for fast air recycling time and rapid firing. The quick-release magazine, couples with a slim profile makes this tool nimble and ergonomic.

The 2116AD uses 20-40% less air than similar tools.

Includes moulded case.

Suggested Applications:

Upholstering, carpet laying, light wood assembly, display and sign work, luggage construction, silk screen assembly, home building applications, applying drapery fabric to cornices, sign shops, box spring and mattress covers, automobile interior, installation of light trim mouldings, light gauge metal piercing, roofing paper.

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