EcoPoxy GloPoxy Kit 200g

EcoPoxySKU: EPGPK10-200G

Color Options: GloPoxy Green


The GloPoxy kit results in the brightest glow with extended glow in the dark duration. GloPoxy is manufactured using a special color balanced process ensuring that the colors won't shift when switching from ordinary white lighting to blacklight.

GloPoxy glow in the dark epoxy is a custom made formula using only the highest grade of photo luminescent ingredients designed for maximize brightness and incorporates pigment suspension technology to prevent settling.

  • GloPoxy results in the brightest glow with extended glow in the dark duration
  • Light absorption and release processes of GloPoxy can be repeated endlessly
  • Any light source will charge GloPoxy
  • Low Odor, NO VOC's NON Toxic
  • 100% solids content for incressed build
  • UV stable, durable, chemical, water and abrasion resistant for indoor & outdoor.
  • Produces an exceptionally tenacious etching bond for high adhesion
  • Excellent hardness and wear resistance
  • Self-leveling finish

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