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Fine Toolworks Bench Dogs for MFT

Fine Toolworks -


These these finely finished; hard-anodized dogs are sized precisely for the Festool Multifunction Table; which makes them the perfect accessory for your workholding needs

There is nothing better for squaring or aligning rails and workpieces on your MFT.

The innovative flat face in-line with the post allows easy set-up and a solid registration point. This face will be in perfect alignment with the holes’ edges so measurements are easy - no offsets to calculate.


  • The Top Dogs stand 16mm (5/8") above the table; making them a great choice for working with heavy sheet stock or thicker materials.
  • For thin work pieces; choose the Short Dogs; which sit less than 10mm ( ~ 3/8") proud.
  • The longer Hot Dogs allow accurate positioning of a Festool Guide Rail for repeatable cuts using the precision-bored grid of holes in the MFT table. Fastening bolts are supplied.

Top Dogs and Short Dogs have M8-1.25 tapped through holes for securing them to a MFT worktable (the knobs from the Festool® Clamping Elements work great); or to make your own jigs or fences. They are machined with 1" dia. heads.

The Hot Dogs are tapped for standard 1/4"-20 fasteners; so you can easily use them with your existing standard jig hardware.

Made in Port Hardy; BC; Canada by Fine Tool Works


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