FS Tool XL4000 Series 300mm 72T TCG Main/Crosscut Blade - 30mm Bore -S23302-30PH - Hammer/Felder Pin Holes as well as 2/10/60 pinholes for SCM

FS ToolSKU: FS-S23302-30PH



XL4000: 20 years of development has refined every aspect of our saw blade manufacturing, materials, and geometries. We offer nearly 1500 models all derived from the same engineering resources compiled over three decades of application experience. From plate to finished saw blade, each is manufactured using the latest technology. Once the plate has been transformed into the most formidable TCT saw blade on the market, it undergoes a nearly artisan, manual tensioning process. Renowned as the premier saw blade available throughout our industry, the XL4000 series will provide measurable cost savings by reducing machine downtime and by increasing your production's efficiency and quality of cut.

  • Exceptional Tensioning
  • Polished Plate
  • Application-specific cutting geometries
  • XL4000 Sub-micron grade carbide teeth
  • Oversize teeth


  • Tooth configuration: TCG
  • Cutting Material: TC XL4000
  • Expansion slots: Cu Plugged


  • For general cut-off and trimming of plastic laminated materials (single sided), or (double sided) combined with a scoring unit.
  • 30mm Bore to fit most European saws - Pinholes for Felder and Hammer machines.
Item# Diameter Kerf Plate Bore Teeth
SM23302-30PH 300mm 3.4mm 2.4mm 30mm w/ Hammer/Felder Pin Holes & 2/10/60 Pin Holes for SCM etc. 72

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