FS Tool 8" Fine Stacked Dado Set 40T - 30mm Bore 54DL08-30PH - Felder pin holes

FS ToolSKU: FS-54DL08-30PH




  • Standard set consists of two 40 tooth outside saws blades 1/8" kerf, one 1/4" chipper, two 1/8" chippers and one 1/16" chipper.
  • Cutting material: Tungsten Carbide.
  • Hook angle: 0?


  • To cut grooves and dados in soft and hardwoods, plywood and veneered panels.
  • Groove widths adjustable from 1/4" to 13/16" maximum width in 1/16" increments. Wider grooves can be obtained by adding spare chippers.
  • For Felder or Format 4 saws.
Item# Diameter Maximum Width Bore Teeth
FS-54DL08-30PH 8" 13/16" 30mm w/ Felder pin holes 40

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