Fisch Tools Kurvenlinfix Flexible Curve Templates

Fisch ToolsSKU: KUF973Kurv01

Select a length: 1 metre


Create perfectly fair and even flowing curves and forms quickly and easily with the Kurvenlinfix. Available in one or two meter (39 or 78 inch) lengths for any project.

Starting at one end, simply bend the Kurvenlinfix to follow your desired curve and fasten it with screws (included) as you go. Use a band saw or jigsaw to cut close to the line, and then a router or shaper with a bearing-guided cutter to trim your material to match the curve. Unscrew the Kurvenlinfix and you're done.

You can attach the Kurvenlinfix to the hidden side of your project for one off items, or screw it to your choice of material to create perfect multi use templates. Made of a very rugged polymer, you can be sure the Kurvenlinfix will not kink or distort on any reasonable radius. You can count on a smooth curve every time.

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